nobirs 2019

'dj campingstoel' 2017


after going to the club every weekend i started to hate the typical dj guys. the latest fashion, good haircut and no smile on the face. what is this? people do not even like the music, but the do not see it because they are you busy with acting like a tough, professional dj. for me the reason i started dj campingstoel, to make people have fun again. only classic bangers, not even mixed, confetti always in the air, mc wittie who can not even mc. i do not care as long people have the best night of the week.



all shirts are different, hand printed and special selected. no one is wearing the same shirt and they are all limited. if the shirt is sold, you have to wait for the new collection. check for more information.





2018 ADE, melkweg amsterdam

2018 Den Haag Outdoor, den haag

2018 Bitbird label night, PIP den haag

2018 Bitbird label night, Bar rotterdam

2018 WK Frikandellen, schiedam